RUMBOS Artistic Voice Laboratory is a community of performing artists and voice teachers founded and directed by Audrey Pernell (USA) and Andrés Zará (CHILE). Based in Santiago, Chile, they have developed workshops and performances that explore the vast expressive and creative potential of the human voice. Since 2009 they have collaborated with an intimate circle of international and interdisciplinary artists and voice teachers, as well as with diverse educational institutions in Chile and abroad.


Performer and Roy Hart Voice Teacher

After nearly a decade of classical voice training, Audrey began her journey into Roy Hart work with Jonathan Hart Makwaia as a theater student at Swarthmore College near Philadelphia. Since 2006, she also has worked with Pantheatre at the Roy Hart International Arts Centre in southern France, as well as in Paris, New York, and Santiago. Under the mentorship of Linda Wise, she completed a self-designed master’s degree in Voice Performance and Pedagogy through Antioch University Midwest’s ILPS Program in 2011, and officially joined the family of Roy Hart voice teachers in 2015. Parallel to this, Audrey has complimented her musical and theatrical work with professional studies in therapeutic massage and yoga to deepen her understanding of the vocal instrument and the performer’s wellbeing and personal development. She has performed with The Talking Band at La Mama ETC, and has collaborated for many years with Vernice Miller in New York. Audrey has produced, written and performed original theatre pieces at the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, as well as the Philadelphia and Berkshire Fringe Festivals. In Santiago, she has taught at various universities and private academies, working with actors, singers, dancers, musicians, as well as with speech therapists, psychologists, and fellow voice pedagogues: Escuela Moderna de Música y Danza, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Mayor, Teatro La Memoria, among others. With RUMBOS, co-directed by Andrés Zará, Audrey has worked as a performer, vocal coach, and director in numerous artistic projects, such as Concierto RUMBOS, Cuarteto Vocal La Tromba, and Improvistos Vocales.


Vocal Performer, Musician, Voice Teacher and Artistic Coach

Andrés first studied singing and music at the Instituto Projazz in Santiago. With his artistic versatility and over 20 years of professional experience, Andrés has distinguished himself as a performer in many different musical and theatrical contexts. He has worked as a session musician in productions for nationally renowned Chilean artists including Gloria Simonetti, Daniel Guerrero and Zalo Reyes, among others. Andrés is the lead singer of the project “Chileswing,” produced by Tito Troncoso, which has launched three albums since 2013. A graduate of UNIACC with a degree in theater and performing arts, Andrés has performed in numerous professional productions over the years including ANNIE (Mr Wakbucks, Teatro Municipal Las condes) Cats (Rum Tum Tugger, Teatro Municipal de Las Condes); Arlequino, servidor de dos Patrones (Pantaleone, Teatro San Ginés); Jesus Christ Superstar (Jesus, Teatro Nescafé de las Artes); Man of la Mancha (Don Quijote, Teatro Municipal de Rancagua); as well as the original Chilean musical La Araucana (Villagra), with tours in Santiago, Osorno, Rancagua, and Arica. Currently he is a member of Aranwa, a theatre company for children under 5 years old, which has toured in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Mexico. Andrés has taken professional performance seminars since 2009 with Pantheatre (New York, Santiago, France); Annie Murath (Teatro la Memoria); and with several teachers at the Roy Hart Centre in France. As a teacher, he has lead voice and singing classes at Projazz, Universidad Mayor, UNIACC, Universidad del Desarrollo, Universidad de Chile, Escuela Moderna de Música and The Roy Hart Centre (France). Alongside Audrey Pernell, he has co-directed RUMBOS since 2012, and is a founding member of various creative projects including Concierto Rumbos, La Tromba vocal quartet, and Improvistos Vocales.


Andrés Zará and Audrey Pernell met for the first time in New York in May 2009 while participating in a Voice Performance and Choreographic Theatre workshop with Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise, co-directors of Pantheatre and founding members of the Roy Hart Theatre (France). From the start, Andrés and Audrey shared a common need to go into a deeper vocal process to face certain challenges that they couldn’t overcome through more conventional vocal techniques.

Inspired by their experience with Pantheatre, they decided to work together in Chile through Audrey’s master’s program in Voice Performance and Pedagogy, under the mentorship of Linda Wise and with the support of Annie Murath. They began to teach workshops together in voice, singing, and improvisation. For Audrey’s master’s thesis performance, they presented Concierto Rumbos, a project that they continued to develop in collaboration with various Chilean artists. Since then, they have worked together on numerous projects, including the vocal quartet “La Tromba,” “Encuentro Vocal,” and the improv laboratory “Improvistos Vocales,” among others.

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Actress, Singer, Storyteller, Voice Teacher


Actress, Oral Expression Teacher, Speaking Voice Coach


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Actress and Theatre Pedagogue


Yoga Teacher


Pianist, Composer, Music Teacher

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