Our Projects

Improvistos Vocales

Improvistos Vocales is an artistic project revealing the creative process of a cappella voice improvisation and composition, directed by Audrey Pernell in collaboration with colleagues and advanced students from her studio RUMBOS. Since 2015, they have offered free performances and voice classes, sharing work in progress and guided improvisation dynamics. Improvistos is a space for artistic experimentation, focusing on the musicality of the voice and the body onstage.

Concierto Rumbos

“Concierto Rumbos” was the name given to the first concert created and performed by Audrey Pernell (voice), Andrés Zará (voice and percussion), and Pablo Ariel López (piano) with the invaluable support of several collaborating artists. The central theme of “Concierto Rumbos” is traveling, as the concert features original arrangements of an international repertoire ranging from Broadway to bolero to blues.

Cuarteto Holiday

HOLIDAY is a vocal quartet specializing in Christmas songs from the United States and Europe, sung in English, Spanish, French, and Latin. The show offers an inviting a cappella choral repertoire of jazz arrangements and traditional carols, including soloists with piano accompaniment. The singers perform in elegant attire evoking the 1940s and 50s. This project premiered in December 2013 at the Instituto Cultural de Providencia with vocalists Andrés Zará (baritone), Audrey Pernell (contralto), Manuel Araneda (tenor), and Cecilia Levi (soprano). Choral direction: Gonzalo Ramos.

La Tromba

La Tromba (“The Whirlwind”) is a quartet comprised of vocal artists Paulina de Petris, Catalina Moya, Audrey Pernell, and Andrés Zará. Audrey Pernell also directed the voice work and Carolina Larenas directed the staging, guiding the artists to develop scenic compositions rooted in free vocal improvisation and collective creation.

Encuentro vocal

Through our Encuentro Vocal (“Voice Encounters”), RUMBOS has provided an intensive space to promote pedagogic innovation, artistic exchange, and academic dialogue in our Santiago community. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, we hosted long weekends full of activities featuring different paths to vocal exploration: music, theatre, ritual, and wellbeing. Every event included an extensive team of teachers and guest artists receiving between 20 and 50 participants in each of the sessions, all designed for people both with and without prior experience in voice work.