Improvistos Vocales


Improvistos Vocales is an artistic project revealing the creative process of a cappella voice improvisation and composition, directed by Audrey Pernell in collaboration with colleagues and advanced students from her studio RUMBOS. Since 2015, they have offered free performances and voice classes, sharing work in progress and guided improvisation dynamics. Improvistos is a space for artistic experimentation, focusing on the musicality of the voice and the body onstage. The artists explore singing, spoken and written text, and the vast world of expressive sounds: vocal impulses, wild sounds, environmental soundscapes, percussive voices, etc. Improvistos offers its work to a diverse public from professional artists to arts lovers, creatively exploring with anyone who wants to discover and share their voice. Improvisation is for everyone!

In February 2016, the group offered a showing of their first full-length performance at the Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, followed by performances of scenes and talk-backs in San Felipe (Teatro Municipal y Universidad de Valparaíso).

Performers: Valentina Fuentes, Carla Gaete, Gabriela Hidalgo, Daniela Navarrete, Andrés Zará
Assistant Director: Danitza Segura
Artistic Consultant and Technical Director: Andrés Zará

Throughout the creative process, valued vocal artists have collaborated in rehearsals and performances. Some of these include: Marko Bremer, Maru Coronado, Consuelo Fernandez, Estefania Flores, Denisse Iturra and Catalina Osorio. Thank you for your support!

For more information about performances, lectures and master classes with Improvistos Vocales, download our portfolio:

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