Encuentro Vocal

Through our Encuentro Vocal (“Voice Encounters”), RUMBOS has provided an intensive space to promote pedagogic innovation, artistic exchange, and academic dialogue in our Santiago community. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, we hosted long weekends full of activities featuring different paths to vocal exploration: music, theatre, ritual, and wellbeing. Every event included an extensive team of teachers and guest artists receiving between 20 and 50 participants in each of the sessions, all designed for people both with and without prior experience in voice work.

Directed by Audrey Pernell and Andrés Zará, and produced by members of La Tromba and Improvistos Vocales (RUMBOS artistic projects), we offered master classes, lectures, and live performances, inspiring people from diverse experiences to come together out of a shared human need to express, connect and create through the voice.