Concierto Rumbos

“Concierto Rumbos” was the name given to the first concert created and performed by Audrey Pernell (voice), Andrés Zará (voice and percussion), and Pablo Ariel López (piano) with the invaluable support of several collaborating artists. The central theme of “Concierto Rumbos” is traveling, as the concert features original arrangements of an international repertoire ranging from Broadway to bolero to blues.

While the songs represent certain concrete points of destination, “Concierto Rumbos” is grounded in the seeking, adventurous, and unpredictable spirit of improvisation. As the artists capture the essence of different performance aesthetics inherent in each song style, they surrender to the unknown, following moment-to-moment creative impulses and taking traditional themes into a world of endless vocal and musical possibilities. Audiences discover that what the performers encounter and develop in relation to the songs is as captivating as the songs themselves. “Concierto Rumbos” promises virtuosity, spontaneity, and complexity that defy the simplicity of its intimate ensemble.

The concert premiered as Audrey Pernell’s master’s thesis-performance with two presentations in the Sala Isidora Zegers at Universidad de Chile in Santiago on April 11th, 2011. Linda Wise (Pantheatre and the Roy Hart International Arts Centre in France) guided the project from a distance as Audrey’s thesis mentor (Antioch University); Annie Murath (Pantheatre Chile, Universidad de Chile) assisted with staging and production; and double-bassist Leonardo Araya (Premio Altazor 2013) completed the musical ensemble.

In the year following the initial performances, “Concierto Rumbos” continued to evolve in its repertoire and ensemble, most notably with the collaboration of percussionist Gustavo Pastenes (Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile). Other invited artists included: Annie Murath (voice), Gabriel Cañas (voice, staging, lighting design), Paulina de Petris (voice) and Catalina Moya (voice). “Concierto Rumbos” was performed at Sala SCD Vespucio, Sala EMS (Escuela de Música y Sonido, de la Universidad UNIACC), Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Café Cocteau, and the Centro Cultural de San Fernando.


“Something’s Coming”

“María Landó”