Coaching: Voice, Music, Performance


How can we apply what we’ve learned and overcome our difficulties when launching a new project?

Andrés Zará and Audrey Pernell offer coaching, in Spanish and English, for diverse projects: concerts, theatre pieces, studio recordings, academic performances, artistic theses, public speaking, preparation for lectures and demonstrations, etc.

What is coaching?

At the start of a project, it is essential to set concrete objectives, create a realistic work plan, and count on those who can help us to channel our inner best as artists and professionals. That’s coaching in a nutshell, an interactive process in which coach and client search for the most effective way to reach creative and professional goals. We work with a wide variety of people, including:

Actors | Singers | Musicians | Dancers | Teachers | Executives

Vocal Coaching

  • Find freedom from technical habits that prevent you from speaking or singing with clarity, consistency, and feeling.
  • Practice Spanish and English phonetics with native speakers.
  • Learn tools to prepare and develop your singing voice in different musical styles: Western popular singing (blues, gospel, jazz, swing, soul, rock & roll, funk, R&B, pop, folk, country, heavy metal, punk); Latin American popular singing (Bolero, cueca, cumbia, salsa, bossa nova, trova latinoamericana, nueva canción chilena, rock latino); musical theatre, experimental vocal music.

Musical Coaching

  • Explore and develop musical resources as well as composition and improvisation techniques for soloists and choirs: rhythm, harmony, timing, flow, development, dynamics, etc.
  • Improve your communication with vocal artists, musicians, directors, or composers.
  • Study basic techniques in piano and vocal percussion.

Performance Coaching

  • Develop physical presence and precision onstage: gaze, gestures, movements, blocking, dance, sense of play.
  • Study analysis and interpretation of song lyrics or spoken texts.
  • Learn acting tools for singers to develop characters, explore emotive states, and overcome performance accidents.
  • Get guidance on choosing and implementing theatrical elements: wardrobe, accessories, props, basic lighting, amplified sound (use of microphone and monitoring system).
  • Learn how to improve your public speaking.

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Coaching fees and duration vary depending on your project’s needs.